Welcome to Matrix Group of Companies

Matrix Group of Companies is facilitating farmers by making available the state-of-the-art-technology, agri chemicals, micronutrients, pesticides and herbicides for better yield and profits. We source these products throughout the world and make it available at farmer’s doorsteps.

Matrix Group of Companies has been helping farmers though collaboration and innovation and committed to sharing our global knowledge and experience for their grown and prosperity.


  1. Humic Acid
    Matrix Group of Companies’s Humic acid is branded as Shadab. Humic acid is a cost-effective way to add humus, an organic matter to soil. Humic acid increases the efficiency of fertilizers, transforms insoluble nutrients into useable ones, retards pathogenic fungi build-up, increases soils ability to retain water and stimulates microbial activity.
    Shadab is a natural-organic material used as a foliar not only for industrial base agriculture use but for indoor potted plants and outdoor veggies, flowers, shrubs and trees.

  2. Zinc Sulfate (33%)
    Matrix Group of Companies’s Zinc Sulfate is branded as Green Power.

  3. Chelated Zinc (5%)
    Matrix Group of Companies’s Chelated Zinc is branded as Green Power Plus.


Water Saver / Retainer

Water retainer is an amazing solution for the areas with low water availability. The water saver absorbs up to 700% water in it along with fertilizers and/or other additives.

Jatropha Cultivation

Matrix Group of Companies is actively working on alternative energy through agriculture growth, making untellable area Tillable with Jatropha for the extraction of Biodiesel.

Agricultural Machinery

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